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VisionScape is the first of its kind, 3D landscape and outdoor living marketplace crafted to bring all participants of the planning, design and build process together, from consumers to professionals. VisionScape is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the marketplace and the industry.

With groundbreaking 3D technology that allows visual communication between consumers and professionals of a finished project before it has begun, a directory of industry products, as well as design and planning tools, VisionScape is a single resource for everything you need for any landscape project.

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The Virtual Property

An Interactive Replica of an Outdoor Space

The Virtual Property is a stunningly realistic, interactive 3D replica of any outdoor space. Virtual Properties are created with VisionScape's 3D landscape design software, Virtual Property Architect™ , and can be saved and shared online as a complete project experience with screenshots, walkthrough videos, project photos and 2D plans.

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3D Design Software

Virtual Property Architect™

VisionScape's Virtual Property Architect™ is changing the way landscape design is approached. Both consumers and professionals can easily create 3D designs and 2D plans, from a catalogue of real products, with lightning speed and an unmatched realism. These designs can be saved and shared online as complete Virtual Properties.

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3D Landscape Design Templates

Outdoor Living Design Solutions & Inspiration

3D Design Templates are here to make your life easier. All templates feature a complete realistic design, products and all, that can be used as is for any project or placed within an existing design as easy as cut and paste. All templates are highly editable and can be customized using VisionScape's Virtual Property Architect™ software.

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Real Products

Relevant Design

Our ever-expanding catalogue of 3D products features landscape and outdoor living products from manufacturers across the industry. Explore the directory, access product information and even launch these products directly in the Virtual Property Architect™ software to add to your own Virtual Property designs.

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VisionScape Design Services

Virtual Property Creation & Professional Design

Let someone else handle the work. Whether you're a pro or a consumer, a range of VisionScape Services to help you get the job done from helping you set up your Virtual Property, to connecting you with the right professional for full landscape design services.

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VisionScape for The Consumer

VisionScape is a complete resource for everything you need to visualize your current and future landscape and outdoor living projects, from ideas and inspiration, to the design and the right professionals to help make it a reality.

  • Plan all landscape projects with your Virtual Property
  • Communicate with professionals working on your project.
  • Design it yourself with 3D landscape design software, Virtual Property Architect™.
  • Connect with a professional through VisionScape Design Services to design it for you.
  • Access Design Templates for inspiration and design assistance.
  • Explore the Product Directory.
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VisionScape For The Professional

VisionScape is a complete suite of design, sales and collaboration tools, crafted to help you provide an unmatched customer experience that sets your business apart from the competition.

  • Design with powerful 3D landscape design software, Virtual Property Architect™.
  • Present and collaborate with customers using the Virtual Property.
  • Showcase your business and Virtual Properties to existing and potential customers with a public VisionScape Professional Profile.
  • Leverage Design Templates for customer projects.
  • Access VisionScape Design Services for design assistance.
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